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Monday, August 27, 2012


No one can deny the success of the Olympic games 2012, or the often moving and emotional prowess of the world's sportsmen and women as they strove for victory in their chosen field. Nor could, or should one, lessen or besmirch a competitors achievement  because of their race or religion, which would be churlish, spiteful and petty, rather one should praise, admire and honour their skill with medals and cheering, as the people of London did with such gusto during each day of the games. 

What one can be weary of though is the politicisation of that euphoria and the enshrining and elevation of what many see as the driving force behind our Olympic success, that is 'multiculturalism', into a kind of  Zeus-like deity, where, surrounded by grateful Olympians, the UK's populace bows in awe-struck acquiescence to the triumphant new gods of political correctness, racial diversity and inclusivity.

Welcome to the our brave new world where post Olympic blues are banished by massive doses of multicultural opiates, coupled and enforced by democracies legions of public sector multicultural thought-police, who, invigorated by mass exposure to Danny Bolye's Bolly-Britannia dance routines and high on diversity sing-alongs, can now enforce racial and religious tolerance with all the zealotry  of the Taliban. Now multicultural dissenters are not only 'racists', but anti-Olympians as well, worse they undermine societies rekindled social cohesion and like medieval heretics, must be silenced and cast out from decent society. 

Indeed, multiculturalism's faithful now scent victory in every gold medal and raucous cheer. Having initially seen the Olympics as a sponsored, exercise in physical elitism, the legions of diversity enforcers suddenly saw the light as the people of England. long derided as racist, cheered on athletes regardless of their colour or religion for the sheer joy of it. Now that natural euphoria is to be claimed and named, for, though the people didn't know it at the time, they weren't just cheering Mo Farah or Laura Trott, they were cheering Multicultural Britain! Hurrah!

Twelve months ago multicultural Britain was burning down buildings throughout London, looting shops, trying to kill the police, and mugging and robbing with impunity. Nine months ago multiculturalism's burgeoning population was threatening to overwhelm our housing stock, health service, schools and welfare state, six months ago our prisons were full of multiculturalism's criminal underclass, three months ago multiculturalism's finest were planning new ways to carry out terrorist attacks and kill as many members of the UK's wonderfully diverse society as they could and now, today multiculturalism is triumphant and omnipotent. 

Dissent is now nigh impossible. Tweeters and bloggers are policed and racial wrongdoers dragged from their homes and hauled before the courts in days, their foolish indiscretions punished by custodial sentences. Indeed critics of our new post-Olympics multicultural nirvana are few and far between, with those who dare question immigration seen not just as racists, but as borderline Breivik's. To be 'right-wing' is now in itself tainted with the blood of Norway's dead and carries with it the threat of being ostracised and branded a 'racist' or 'nazi'. In fact, in this new born again, super, goldmedal winning, cultural Bolly-Britannia we must all, at the very least, aspire to be diversity-lite, Islamoclappy, hug-a-hijab loving citizens, or else.

Indeed the UK's democracy is now a three-party, one-party state in which liberalism, socialism and conservatism,  have fused into a centrist, harmonious cabal in which, aside from minor differences, there is little to differentiate one party from another. All support multiculturalism, religious, sexual and cultural diversity, and all the other scared totems deemed necessary to create an ethnic and sexually inclusive utopia funded by unlimited Quantitive Easing, supported by a benevolent welfare state and aided by a public sector empowered to crush dissent. 

The Olympics should be hailed and praised for the great achievement they were, including even Danny Boyle's utopian vision of our recent history, but to equate them as a panacea for all our ills and as an endorsement of all things multicultural is wrong and to cheapen the achievements of Farah and co. Equally wrong is the usurping of an athletes skin colour by the champions of multiculturalism for their own cause, all the while screaming 'racist' hysterically at anyone who dares question their remit and motivation for doing so. Those that oppose multiculturalism and unchecked immigration for the dangerously flawed experiments they are have to fight back. The first step, in what will be a long road, is to take back the political will from the useless collective of political parties that currently misrule the UK, and who, if not stopped, will misappropriate and destroy our country as well, by which time no number of gold medals or collective Mobotting will save the day.