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Friday, October 16, 2009


Open any UK newspaper, log on, tune in, or whatever, and week in, week out, all year long, you’ll see story after story of some man, some son, someone who has been beaten, kicked, stabbed or shot to death on Britain’s streets. The offender nearly always either a blank-faced sub-human white twat or blank-faced sub-human black twat, linked only by their single figure IQs and amoeba-like social skills. What we are seeing is the spawn of generation I-don’t give-a-fuck mating with the children of I-feel-guilty-about-the-death-and-destruction of-WWII-so-I’ll-punish-no-one-and-live-a-life-of-total-indulgence-baby-boomers producing vicious sub-human vermin fit only for extermination, yet kept alive and allowed to breed by a nation state obsessed with political correctness, inclusivity and see-no-evil, speak-no-evil legislation. A state that is, in fact, sacrificing the rule of law and order and its duties in maintaining a democracy worthy of the name, on the alter of creating a touchy-feely Nirvana. Scum Nation to you and me.

Trying to cite an individual case as an example of our current malaise is pointless, as barely a day goes past without some new horror and some new sallow-faced scum boy criminal being paraded before us in the newspapers. Recently, the media was full of the plight of a mother with a disabled daughter who was persecuted so much by a particular group of vermin youth that she killed her daughter and herself by setting themselves on fire. Think just how desperate you would have to be to do that? The police, of course, did nothing to help her over the preceding months, even advising on one occasion, when youths had again gathered to shout abuse and throw stones at her house, to ‘close the curtains’ and perhaps they’ll go away. It's telling that, once the brouhaha around this story broke and the youths' families in turn felt the wrath of the mob, the police rushed to defend them from attack rather than, perhaps, arming their officers with sash windows or venetian blinds.

Examples like the mother hounded to death by vicious underclass dross are in fact all to easy to find, from the father kicked to death for asking youths to stop vandalising his car or to keep the noise down a bit to 21 year old Goth girl Sophie Lancaster, who was kicked to death last year while walking through a park on her way home on a summers evening. The mother of those responsible also found the later court proceeding so hilarious and the grieving of the murdered girls parents and friends so funny that she had to be ordered to stop laughing in court. Perhaps if her son on conviction had been shot through the back of the head rather than sentenced to a few years in one of our HM prison hotels and she had been forcibly sterilised to stop her producing anymore vermin she might have shut up. As it is, I am sure that she and her thug litter are doing just fine.

And why is Mummy Underclass Scum doing fine? Because, since the day her mother, Granny Underclass Scum, gave birth to her in a previous litter, she has been sucked into our great ‘breed for greed’ culture whereby money, clothes and a house are provided immediately mummy scum gives birth and all she has to do to contribute is to open her legs. This means that her litter can be looked after immediately without her ever having to work or think about the responsibility that usually comes with having children. It also allows time for the newly arrived infant scum to be prepared for their own entry into our ‘breed and greed’ culture a few years later without mummy scum being too ‘stressed out’ by life.

Female adolescent scum are usually able to breed and produce a litter at about 12 or 13 years and, from that point, can often be in season and ready to breed again within weeks of giving birth. This increases their value and wealth within their chosen career path and will enable them, like Mummy Scum, to get a house and smooth their entry into our government’s womb wealth scheme. It also means that the scum family is now secure and provided for from cradle to grave without the hassle of providing for itself. This is mainly because daddy scum belongs to the ‘cum and run’ school of fatherhood whose perceived duties end as soon as his cock's out of whatever means-tested minge he’s just got lucky with.

Young underclass males are the scourge of New Britain, surly, feral, with no focus beyond their own stupidity and with a world view so myopicly narrow that they are reduced to stabbing and shooting each other over postcodes and iffy trainers. No doubt these geographic throwbacks would stab themselves if they ever got a ‘return to sender’ letter from a rival borough. These street name sados and wannabe criminals, whose entire life consists of mooching around shopping malls and council estates dressed like a twat monk in a short robe, are not fit for purpose. The purpose, in this instance, being human life.

Usually a species, even germs, create, mutate and continue to propagate because there is  a benefit to their species in expanding their number, or of continuing to exist. The rise of our new sub-human species; scum-boy and scum-girl, however has broken natures rules. Were we lab rats or some form of bacteria, no doubt we would turn on these deformities and wipe them out but, because we are a caring community, we do the opposite and nurture them, feed and clothe them and then when they are big and strong, they thank us by stabbing and robbing us. Such is the way of the world in 21st Century New Britain.

This is our future; one that breeds but can’t read, one that steals but can’t work and one that kills because it doesn’t want to live or is too stupid to do more than exist.

Our society created this mess yet resolutely refuses to deal with it, rather it throws money and resources at a species that was created and spawned by the very excesses of our welfare culture and one which, given its womb wealth and breeding for greed training, will only ever take more and more. The state needs to be cruel to be kind, very cruel in fact and start penalizing illegitimate birth rather than rewarding it and then perhaps the womb can be separated from wealth and a child no longer seen as some form of cash commodity. It may also force the fathers and mothers of the feral vermin currently prowling our streets to do something about their offspring before next generation scum rises up from the sewers as on current trends they may actually cross the vermin / human divide in which case it will be a waste of timing drawing the curtains as they’ll come up through the sewer pipes.

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